Recording Tips

  1. In the comments Ben Borthwick points to Open Broadcast Software, which sounds like it does most of this – haven’t used it myself. Points 4 and 5 are relevant either way, the rest is just my setup.
  2. If you can’t get Spelunky to run at the res you want, there’s a file called config.txt you can edit to force it. It’s in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Spelunky\Data or equivalent.
  3. I use FRAPS to record, which is £25 if you don’t want watermarks, but it’s the best screenshotting/video capture thing I’ve used.
  4. FRAPS has a checkbox for ‘Record external input’ – check that and select your mic, and it’ll record game sound and your voice.
  5. I recommend turning the game volume low and the music volume VERY low, to make your voice clearer.
  6. Do a test video to check you’re audible over the game.
  7. Make sure you have masses of free disk space – at 1360×768, a complete 30-minute run of Spelunky takes up about 45 GB.
  8. Once it’s recorded, I use AviDemux to compress it. It’s free and can open almost anything, including .mov files.
  9. Under Video, I choose MPEG-4 Xvid and Configure it to a compression factor of 10.

8 comments on “Recording Tips

  1. OBS is for sure simpler to use than FRAPS and you can take out some of the guess work of in-game volume competing with your voice recording because OBS can configure those two things in app, whereas FRAPS cannot, even though it should becuase it is like $40 USD… but it probably does record better than OBS.

  2. Try Mirillis Action instead of FRAPS. It’s cheaper, it has great quality of recording (really high end), it can compress and upload video to YouTube automaticly, it supports webcam and even live streaming (payed separately). If you are not sure, just try the demo. IMO much betterthan FRAPS.

    Best regards – big fan of Tom Francis runs and commentary – happy birthday Tom! 🙂

  3. AtDzerzhinsk says:

    Or you could simply use MSI Afterburner, which is a bit complicated to configure.
    It’s free, without watermarks and the audio/video quality is great

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