Marc Laidlaw – 9th of November

Taking a somewhat different approach this time, I thought I would just concentrate on getting to the exit and avoid all the things that are sure to kill me immediately. Usually a bat is sufficient to do me in, and I did myself irreparable harm (twice) with a badly thrown rock…you would think I’d learned that lesson by now. But by avoiding the really obvious monsters and bombing myself some shortcuts, I got farther than ever before–in or out of a Daily.

Marc Laidlaw, 31st of October, 2013

It’s Halloween in GMT but that’s totally irrelevant to this run. What is relevant is that I’m trying out the new headset that Mr. Francis recommended for its mic quality. I tried it last week and it was defective…but this is a new pair and seems to be working. So mainly I’m hoping the voice quality is improved. Seems like it is. (The quality of Spelunking is poorer than ever.)