Chris Remo, 19th of November, 2013

It’s been a few weeks since I lasted posted to the Club. Following that successful Olmec run, I entered a dark period in my Daily career. I never missed a Challenge, but too many wasted Ankhs and early Jungle deaths drained me of the enthusiasm to call attention to my attempts after uploading them to my YouTube channel. I resolved not to return to the Club until I had reached a significant new milestone.

Last night, in my 64th consecutive Daily Challenge, buoyed by a surfeit of bombs, that finally happened. I was ill-prepared for my first meeting with Yama, but it ultimately went better than I could have predicted…

Chris Remo, 24th-26th of October, 2013

Gadzooks, I’ve been neglecting to post updates after uploading to YouTube!  Here are my runs from the past three days. On the 24th, I got to Temple, which for me is still a bit of a novelty, and on the 26th, I died in the Mines, but had a pretty entertaining Ghost close-call. I don’t remember the 25th being particularly worth watching.