3 comments on “Anthony Burch, 21st of November

  1. Finally got round to watching. Hilarious! One of the best ways to die.

  2. Hypocee says:

    That was great. A rock! Just a rock in the wrong place! Better notice that rock! This is, I believe, only the second event I’ve seen in the SEC and friends where the player probably couldn’t or shouldn’t change any rules in response – the other one being Pentadact getting face darted while dashing under a spider.

    I seem to recall a time when the accepted technique for the Black Market was to work on the right side, funnelling the keeps down into the Ankh hole – needed fewer bombs, and because they stand on the right side of their shops it gives you options for both on a floor. I still do it that way; I accept that you experts probably have a good reason for working on the left, but I don’t understand.

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