Anthony Burch, 8th of November (ending)

Internet died so I only streamed the last five minutes of the run.

My goal, as it has been for the past week or so, was to get the crysknife from the Worm level and use it to kill Yama in one hit.

While also being a dog.

5 comments on “Anthony Burch, 8th of November (ending)

  1. Hypocee says:

    Hah, metal. And cute.

    Do we know whether the hit in the cutscene does actual damage? I would assume not, though that would be Spelunky-funny. Actually, it wouldn’t take one of you gods to find out, would it. One could just jump too high after defeating Olmec

    Though having thought about that scenario for a second…are 1-HP runs a thing?

  2. Richard Boeser says:

    Killing Yama like that deserved some fireworks. Impressive.

  3. Eschatos says:

    How does one become a dog?

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