Chris Remo, 24th-26th of October, 2013

Gadzooks, I’ve been neglecting to post updates after uploading to YouTube!  Here are my runs from the past three days. On the 24th, I got to Temple, which for me is still a bit of a novelty, and on the 26th, I died in the Mines, but had a pretty entertaining Ghost close-call. I don’t remember the 25th being particularly worth watching.

2 comments on “Chris Remo, 24th-26th of October, 2013

  1. Hypocee says:

    Great ghosting and GHOSTing. Today’s technical teachables:

    “Critters” – rats, minifrogs, penguins, locusts – can be picked up and thrown, typically to trip dart traps.

    Damsel management didn’t really give you much trouble, but for the future: Somehow, tossing them into the maw of a giant worm counts as “rescuing” them and still gains you the health.

  2. You could’ve avoided Anubis on the 24th by grabbing the idol, causing the trap to spring and escaping to the safety of the sides of the lava pit. All you need to do is land on the right side, then bomb out the left to escape.

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