One comment on “Chris Remo, 22nd of October, 2013

  1. Hypocee says:

    Re: stream:
    Chris Remo and Nick Breckon, rejoicing in the smoky sax.

    The behavior of the two dart traps surprised me too, and after a couple of days’ consideration I can’t see any way it’s not a bug. It seems like the least convoluted structure is that two traps can’t be activated by the same object at one time and traps ignore objects after the first frame they would have caused activation..

    You can rope downwards over an edge but in Spelunky HD you can’t throw a rope for free. Chat was referring to the Game Maker version. where all held items are in a rotating inventory to which the “throw bomb” and “throw rope” buttons are shortcuts. This means you can cycle to ropes, drop one, then pick it up later unexpended. The cycling inventory interface got streamlined away in the remake; as far as I know, the little rope trick is the only loss of functionality.

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