Tom Francis, 20th of October

Well, at least I didn’t screw up any of the difficult parts. What happens to that Caveman who surprises me? It looks like he spontaneously teleports into a wall.

Hopefully frame rate, resolution and sound should all be in order today. Back to doing it the slow way.

5 comments on “Tom Francis, 20th of October

  1. BooDoo says:

    Oh god that was heartbreaking :[

  2. If you want to save bombs on the Olmec fight, as well as make it way less risky, it’s possible to do it in only 5. The arena is 10 blocks high, and each bomb drills 2 down, and a maximum of 2 to the left or right of where you place it. This means if you place it where 2 blocks meet you create a hole 4 wide and 2 deep. Olmec meanwhile is just under 4 blocks wide (he’s actually thin enough that your character can fit in a 4 wide hole next to him).

    So the strategy is to use 5 bombs to make a pit, then simply ride Olmec into it. He always jumps at regular intervals, and moves slightly further in a jump than his own width. He also starts slightly misaligned with the level grid so you’ll need to do at least one correction using the level borders on the left and right, you may also need to shorten his jumps by standing under him in order to align him with the hole properly.

    Once you’ve figured it out it renders the Olmec fight trivial, safe, and more importantly cheap. You can also use less bombs by getting him to clear out at least 2 rows per bomb saved.

    • Actually, I just fought Olmec again and I think I was misremembering some of the details. 5 bombs does reach the lava, but it leaves a couple of blocks there, blocking Olmec’s descent, unless you start from a place where Olmec has already destroyed a row. You can do it in 6 by using 2 bombs for the last 2 rows, placing them between the 1st and 2nd then 3rd and 4th, but the same basic principle applies.

      I don’t fight Omec nearly enough.

  3. Hypocee says:

    You paid money for one of those parachutes! Bought up everything in the shop, including a parachute.

    The caveman is standing in front of the golden door when you touch and activate it, then slides to the right and I’m pretty sure the game plays the ‘object crushed by physics’ sprite and sound. It looks like the golden door is either physically modeled in opening as an object moving to the right, or – my guess – that the open door is treated as the spawn of a new object that isn’t properly physics-disabled, causing a one-frame collision displacement of anything in front of it. Neither case would ever affect the player because they’re guaranteed to be off the tile at activation. Barring teleporting into it for no reason, I suppose.

    I can’t prove but would assume that the teleportation of the crocmen follows the same rules as the teleporter item, i.e. straight across if possible then ‘bubbling up’ through ground. If true you want to avoid being on a level with them in the open air, which they typically are, or standing on the ground above within…6?…tiles if they’re in a pit. Difficult, but in principle predictable.

  4. My suggestion for the Black Market is that you only really need two or three bombs to deal with the first two guys, primarily because once you ‘blow the doors’ (ie. by sticking a bomb to the entrance), they tend to run out and fall down. You have to be careful with the second guy. Then you’d have been able to pick up all the bombs on the first level. Then I would tend to go through to the ladder above the ankh and rain bombs on the ankh guard(s), then gingerly go down and grab the ankh and a shotgun. Go back up and blast away with the shotgun on the second level, it should take everyone out. Go down and deal with the guys on the third level in whatever way works. Often by this stage half the shopkeepers have managed to get themselves killed on various spike traps anyway. Should only use ten bombs max, and you hopefully end up with the ankh, a shotgun, loads of bombs and either a jetpack or a cape. And you get to keep all your money!

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