One comment on “Chris Remo, 17th of October, 2013

  1. Hypocee says:

    It wouldn’t be surprising if you were stressed and sleep-deprived at a launch time, but I wouldn’t draw that conclusion from the fact that you’ve returned to dying in the jungle. Your first trip to Temple is an achievement, not a trend; it’s almost certain to be a statistical outlier. The “failures” afterwards are just regression to the mean.

    Also, be advised that Spelunky’s deliberately built with a weird difficulty curve. Mine to Jungle is by far the greatest difficulty change you face in a run, and Jungle’s almost as tough as Temple in its own way. Ice is still plenty dangerous, but it’s intended as a bit of a rest after Jungle, where you can mostly choose how involved you get in anything. So there’s nothing remarkable about dying in Jungle, even once you routinely get farther.

    That Tiki-Monkey combo really was a wall of dickery; I’d say you were right to spend so much time trying to think of a non-bomb risk-free way around it, even though in the end there wasn’t one.

    Stickies+Jetpack=ceiling bombing. There were a couple of more economical routes to the Eye and crates than the ones you saw, upward through thin ceilings.

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