3 comments on “Ashly Burch, 16th of October

  1. Periwinkle says:

    At 2:13 you appear to be hit by an arrow, knocking you unconscious without costing health. How did that work?

    At 17:14 you ask “Is this the furthest I’ve gotten on this account?” If that was because you got a new journal entry, it’s probably just that you’d previously got through the Temple without killing iny Hawk Men.

    Around 18:00, where you want to see Anubis get spiked, it seems that he may be harmed by traps, but never triggers them. This seems like unique behavior – most enemies do trigger spike traps. (Speaking of which, it feels weird to see the Temple levels without a dead Shopkeeper at each exit.) I suspect that Anubis not triggering traps was an intentional part of the design. if he did, he’d usually die before you even saw him – which proves that the Temple has just too many spike traps in it. Q.E.D.

    At 24:22, Olmec destroys some blocks, but doesn’t quite destroy every block beneath him. Odd.

  2. Hypocee says:

    Arrows that hit flesh (in this case, of the goldbug) lose their heads. The headless arrow can still cause the stunned state but does no damage.

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