3 comments on “Chris Remo, 15th of October, 2013

  1. Daniel F says:

    You showed remarkable self-restraint in passing up (illegal means of acquiring) that jet-pack. What game did you/are you going to announce?

  2. Hypocee says:

    A question answered if you watch the video. Spacebase DF9 is becoming real through alphafunding.

    I disagree with your assessment! Using your last bomb was unwise but otherwise you sailed through after a rough start on a stingy seed. Even that final attempted feat was probably within your reach, and would have been a big win with a touch more dexterity or foresight.

    And I’ve said it before, but I think that though getting whittled down feels a lot worse than an insta-kill, it’s the first milestone after a person begins actually playing Spelunky – a sign that you’re properly spotting the greatest dangers in the environment and giving them due respect. A bat in the face is an embarrassing lapse of dexterity, but it’s easy to forget that slipping onto spikes is often a failure at a very similar challenge – and one of them’s about four times less costly. I have no idea what the ideal ratio of damage and insta death is, but I feel like it’s a line around which a player oscillates over the course of improvement.

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