8 comments on “Chris Remo, 11th of October, 2013

  1. Daniel F says:

    Same thing happened to me in 3-1. You lived a good 5 seconds longer than me with those climbing gloves of yours.

  2. Hypocee says:

    Spelunky’s literally a “no blood, no foul” system: If an entity doesn’t emit blood it’s taken no damage. Sels don’t take damage when used as projectiles, and accordingly don’t emit blood. They do bleed when hit by traps or projectiles.

    You’ll notice they also aren’t hurt by contact with enemies under any circumstances – only by projectiles like cobra venom, which also hurt enemies. Sels are honorary enemies somehow.

  3. Chris Remo says:

    I was aware they didn’t take damage from enemies, but I was under the impression they could take impact/fall damage. Is that the case?

    • Ben Wilson says:

      Nope. They’re immune to fall damage too.

    • Hypocee says:

      Impact damage I’m comfortable saying no, since you don’t except for yetis, and whether that’s from yeti’d being a special state or just an exceptional velocity, yetis don’t throw them anyway.

      Fall damage, I don’t honestly know. I would expect…not, since no other active NPC seems to. The matter doesn’t come up a lot and would usually occur offscreen with a maximum of one damage. I’ve never observed a death not traceable to some other cause, but my computer’s been busted so I’ve only had a couple of weeks on this new version with the lower health.

      Of course this is bad RP and you may quite legitimately wish to refrain from flinging your charge facefirst through monsters and a crate into a wall! As the number of things I’m willing to do to survive has increased, I’ve found that I consider anything that doesn’t actually change the numbers to have not even happened. Next to the naughtiness of sometimes letting them take an arrow for the team, which genuinely injures them within an inch of their life, at this point projectile duty is just implicit.

      Mentioning it was also a chance to give you an implicit little head start on internalizing the weapons’ damage rules.

    • Chris Remo says:

      Thanks for the info, folks!

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