Explorer Scores and Discussion, 10th of October

  1. Anthony Burch – 5-4 – $354.475 – Old age
  2. Tom Francis – 1-3 – $31,100 – Spikes
  3. Marc Laidlaw – 1-4 – $18,900 – A single goddamn bat

Spoiler discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: I was fine with the mass of giant spiders on 1-3, but the key being up in a locked-off attic was a nightmare. Trying to speed through that ground floor with the ghost on my tail caused me to misjudge a jump and impale myself. Anyone get the Udjat Eye and make it out?

Marc Laidlaw: This was my longest run yet in a recorded DC. Not talking makes a big difference. I thought I could throw the golden head and take out the bat. … There’s always a bat. I’m still in awe of how much better everyone is than I am. Outside the DC, I got through the mines for the first time last night…after sinking over 20 hours into the game. I’m old. That’s my excuse, and it gets to be a better and more believable excuse with time.

Anthony Burch: My cowardice outstripped my curiosity. I got extremely lucky and just straight-up forgot that the Udjat Eye even had a chance of spawning in that level, which caused me to skip all that shit and survive. This put me in the unenviable position of trying to find the Black Market without the Udjat, but I got incredibly lucky and found that (A) the market spawned in a  spot that wasn’t 100% covered by ground tiles and (B) my wife is a ninja-eyed warrior who immediately noticed it when I didn’t.

7 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 10th of October

  1. Odward Frenry says:

    I dropped the chest closer to the exit, so I managed to bypass the whole bottom floor and avoid those dangerspikes. But then I died before the Udjat eye was of any use at all.

    1-4 | $40800 | An arrow in each ear

  2. BooDoo says:

    DAT GHOST (audio only in left channel for some reason)

    Joel McCoy | 1-3 | $31,700 | Spider–>Death

  3. Bryce says:

    I hadn’t played a couple days, already got rusty and panicky and… Well… You’ll see.
    1-1 | $7,100 | Panicking

  4. Anonymous says:

    Managed fourth on the leaderboard with $842k. Olmec’s room had multiple bomb crates so I was able to pick up a decent amount of extra score in hell by bombing random gems out of the scenery. Today was one of those seeds where you can get a very competitive score simply by beating the game. It also got a lot easier after the nightmarish 1-3.

  5. 34 hours, and today I made the ice caves for the first time. http://youtu.be/iesBbRrKFno

    • Marc Laidlaw says:

      James, I just reached the ice caves myself for the first time yesterday…and that was in Adventure Mode! 22 hours of playtime. I can’t imagine reaching them in the DC!

  6. jordagalski says:

    And I genuinely thought I was gonna do well… 😦 To have all that ambition snatched away is just crushing. And I didn’t even get to tangle with the spiders! (Where I would otherwise have died)

    1-3 | $9,000 | Turned too much pessimism into optimism 😦

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