9 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 9th of October

  1. Anonymous says:

    man there’s a really bullshit arrow trap on level 1-2 that’s offscreen and by the time you walk left and see it, it fires at you.

    i came on here to watch other people walk into this nearly unavoidable arrow, but it turns out that in all three of the videos posted so far, you guys picked up that gold idol and the following boulder destroyed the arrow trap.

    me, i’m ain’t picking up a gold idol on the top floor of a 1-2 level in the daily! there’s a guaranteed shop below and the boulder could destroy all the goods within…

  2. Odward Frenry says:

    First things first: Marc, your link in the leaderboards is to your October 8 daily.

    Throughout the past week, I’d been waiting for this daily, because it was going to be another repeat, which, luckily, I had forgotten about when it started, because that meant I wasn’t going into it with any expectations. And if it had been almost any other repeat, chances are I wouldn’t have noticed and would have had the chance that I’ve missed on the previous repeats, of being able to see an improvement in my gameplay.

    Well, it just had to be this one, which I recognized when those two arrow traps showed themselves. And then my brain shut down and I dealt with it in the absolutely stupidest way possible–even worse than the first time I ran that seed. Devastatingly frustrating.

    The only consolation is that after I turned my camera off, I started a no gold run in which a bat scared me into some gold on a dark level. The run then turned into my highest score Olmec run to date.

    • Marc Laidlaw says:

      As soon as I went to bed last night I sat up in a cold sweat, realizing I had pasted Tom’s old link to my previous run and changed everything except the link itself…arrgh. Oh well. Nobody else put their scores in at all so I think I came out ahead.

  3. BooDoo says:

    Joel McCoy | 1-1 | $4,300 | Talkin’ bout BioShock

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ran out of ropes and bombs in the bottom left corner of 1-2 and had to open up the pause menu to ‘End Adventure’ because there was no way of escaping or killing myself. Oh, the shame!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Like the above commenter and Chris Thursten, ended up ropeless and bombless in 1-2 chasing the damsel.

  6. Anna Harren says:

    It’s another duplicate. I don’t remember which one it’s a duplicate of, but it’s definitely a duplicate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    10/9 is a dupe of 9/10, it generates the daily dungeons by multiplying the month and day, 9*10 and 10*9 are the same. this is going to be fixed in a patch from what i read on steam forums

  8. jordagalski says:

    Do you ever get that thing when your brain stops working and then you die? I did that.

    1-3 | $23,000 | Like a stroke or something

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