Jason Killingsworth, 7th of October

I’d all but finished ghost-running the mothership, lingered to kill the final alien and made a huge mental error. Getting a much better feel for the stage, however. So many diamonds to mine in there if I can reliably master it.

3 comments on “Jason Killingsworth, 7th of October

  1. Periwinkle says:

    At 19:29, it looks like the shopkeeper ignores a bomb detonating three squares away, then gets enraged when a single gem drops on his head. Interesting sense of priorities there…

    For situations like 23:16, I think it’s possible to hold down+left or down+right to crawl off a ledge, ending up hanging off it. Then you can safely drop past the spikes. However, twitch at the wrong time and you’ll walk off the ledge instead.

    I’d really like to see the sequence of events that led to the Shopkeeper at 26:06 dropping his Shotgun and picking up the Freeze Ray – doubly so if he used it on anything.

    That was an impressive run on the Mothership. I hadn’t realised just how many gems the Alien Queen drops, and therefore the ghostrunning potential. Would it have been worth using the Plasma Rifle to drill through the walls to the final Alien?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shame to see such a promising run cut short. I managed a million on this and I was way behind you at the end of the ice world. I wasted an entire stage’s worth of gems/diamonds by killing myself right at the start of the kill-yourself stage, but otherwise it was probably the best overall run I’ve played, as well as being my second highest ever score. Unfortunately it was a very generous seed (jetpack, early bombs, easy kapala, vaults aplenty) so I only managed seventh on the leaderboard!

  3. whiskingtroll says:

    Yep, this death stung. I should’ve breezed past a million. Hate wasting such a generous seed.

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