6 comments on “Jason Killingsworth, 5th of October

  1. Anonymous says:

    3:43 “I can’t get his shotgun.”

    With the cape equipped you can float down onto spikes. 🙂

  2. whiskingtroll says:

    Cheers for that. I’m always learning. Keep the tips coming when you notice a knowledge gap in one of my vids! Probably should’ve skipped the mothership and set sights on Hell but it was a low-scoring run anyway so I figured what the hell, let’s dial up the challenge and have some fun.

  3. Periwinkle says:

    Having watched a lot of videos on the Seplunky Explorers Club, I confess that I’m getting a little jaded by 800,000 point marathon runs to the final boss. Yes, I know it’s really hard to do, and I remain impressed, but now I’d like to see something different. If your goal is to make unique and entertaining videos for those of us in the peanut gallery, please continue visiting the unusual levels like the Mothership. Then, when you get out with the Plasma Rifle, use it to mock everyone who laboriously Shotguns the hazards of the Temple… until the recoil pushes you into the lava for a terminal sauna.

    Even rarer than the Mothership is the Worm level. I think I’ve seen one member of the Explorers Club enter it, and no one complete it. Yes, there does seem to be a good reason for that…

  4. whiskingtroll says:

    I find the worm level kinda boring actually, even though my favoured Spelunky avatar was rescued there and it echoes one of Gears of War 2’s most delightfully campy sequences.

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