Mike Cook, 2nd of October

Sorry I’m a little late on yesterday’s! I haven’t posted in so long. I have a 1st October post I might backdate later too. I’m a bit quiet today but occasionally I scream like a small child just to add a bit of flavour. Can’t believe how close I came…

2 comments on “Mike Cook, 2nd of October

  1. That Psychic Death Staff terrifies me. It can and will turn on you in an instant, and has ended at least one otherwise great run because I was slightly more appealing a target than the enemy I was hoping to kill.

    • Michael Cook says:

      I wasn’t sure if it would kill you or not! I took it with me because Olmec’s tendency to spawn stuff is one level of panic too much for me so it’s quite a good way to dispatch that. But yeah, it’s a real risk/reward thing…

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