2 comments on “Chris Thursten, 2nd of October

  1. Very depressive ending. I wanted to hug you =)

  2. Hypocee says:

    Words were funny this time around.

    Two, or was it three, independent apologies for swearing each of which is interrupted by at least two strings of Spelunky Tourette’s.

    ‘Maybe I’m too on edge for this’, most of the way through your best recorded run of the game about being constantly on edge.

    And in case you didn’t catch it afterward, by rights you should have been killed outright the very moment you finished saying ‘How badly is this going to kill me?’ – not only for speaking those words in earshot of Spelunky, but because drops of blood set off TNT crates like the one you were rubbing your face on. Had physics not been very kind to you, you would have been blown up by your own blood.

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