2 comments on “Jason Killingsworth, 1st of October

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on another good run, Jason. The highlight for me was an exemplary display of “not ghostrunning this game” in the city of gold. 😀

    Had a weird run on this daily: played atrociously at first, taking stupid amounts of damage while managing to keep myself alive with damsels; hobbled into to the black market, nabbed the ankh but ran out of bombs and got shot; escaped the black market on the second attempt; made a detour to the mothership in an attempt to rescue my score; survived shooting myself with the plasma cannon in 4-1 due to Kali’s huge health bonus; agonisingly dismantled the remaining temple stages for gems, cooked Olmec and ended up with a respectable score of $722k. Surprised I stayed in the top ten, but I suppose most players will have had similar problems with the bomb supply. That bomb box in the 2-4 shop was crucial.

  2. That was an absolute magical run good sir!

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