5 comments on “Jason Killingsworth, 30th of September

  1. Anonymous says:

    $912k is a hell of a score considering you only had $128k at the start of the temple. $300k from the city of gold is superlative spelunking!

    A ghost run on 3-2 would have pushed you into six figures and perhaps even second place on the leaderboard – there was a vault in the top right corner which you missed because of the fall at 19:48. 😦

    Just a minor thing, in case you didn’t know: you can kill the small animals (rats, penguins, locusts, etc) with the shotgun for bunch of blood droplets. Running up and point-blanking a couple of them can fill the kapala entirely.

  2. Chris Remo says:

    Okay I get it, you’re better at this video game than I am.

  3. whiskingtroll says:

    Thanks Anon for the helpful tip regarding the free health bonus from shooting tiny little woodland creatures and defenseless insects in face at point blank range with a shotgun (seriously thx).

    Chris – I’m just a fellow money-grubbing spelunker trying to make my way in this mixed-up world.

  4. This video should be named “How to rob the Golden City 101”.

  5. Hypocee says:

    There were a bunch of crazy decisions (though the heartstopping leap to the jetpack wasn’t as dumb in retrospect thanks to the gloves), but my biggest clench moment was actually when the tiki batted the bomb frog back at you in the jungle. Had you read that?

    Kali just has simple tastes, man. She wants blood, the warmer the better. You gave her some blood, so she’s happy. We could all learn a lesson from Kali, I think.

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