Explorers Scores and Discussion, 29th of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 5-1 – $578,350 – Succubus
  2. Tom Francis – 4-4 – $206,650 – Olmec
  3. Richard Boeser – 2-3 – $61,775 – tree accident
  4. Chris Livingston – 2-2 – $53,625 – Tiki trap that only harms spelunkers, apparently

Spoiler discussion after the break.

Richard Boeser: Do not attempt actions you feel insecure about. Also embarrassing lack of whipping skills.

Chris Livingston: Well, an early freeze ray in the shops mean I had to rob the shops. I took on shopkeepers pretty successfully until I ran into one who was apparently invincible. I swear he runs into the same tiki trap spikes at least five times and just doesn’t die (starts at 9:25 in my video). Then I ran into the trap to show him the proper way to die.

Jason Killingsworth: Still campaigning for award for most easily avoidable death. Didn’t even need the bloody health bonus.

Tom Francis: This seemed like a tough one to me. I survived to the end, but largely by crazy strokes of luck. And even so, I had nothing much item-wise, so I couldn’t cheese Olmec. I guess missing the Black Market isn’t really an option.

2 comments on “Explorers Scores and Discussion, 29th of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Basically I was in a situation that I had to make a decision on. I opted for the one that would let me live longer if i make a mistake as opposed to the one that gave me the tools I could use to get me further.

    On another note, I’ve been meaning to mention, feel free to send me an invite on Steam for more friendly Spelunky Daily competition, Fettsbounty.

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