3 comments on “Jason Killingsworth, 28th of September

  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed out on a bomb bonanza today, Jason. I bagged 99 sticky ones by the end of the ice caves and had a thoroughly immoderate party in the city of gold. Unfortunately there was no jetpack that I could find, and I was too chicken to stake the bomb haul on ghostrunning the middle stages with a cape and a few ropes. (During yesterday’s run I complacently ran out of fuel mid-flight and plunged into the abyss – today I was determined to see everything, and, of course, regretted my cowardice immediately.)

  2. whiskingtroll says:

    Rub it in, why don’t you. Where’d you end up score-wise?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was a surprisingly high fifth on the leaderboard with $921k, which is my highest position so far (seems I wasn’t the only one who played it safe). Today by contrast was a dull failure: death by shopkeeper in the black market. My current goal is to crack a million dollars on a daily. Then perhaps I can start dreaming of a podium finish…

    The explorers’ club is great fun by the way, though it’s a shame that there aren’t more high level players like yourself and Anthony. Francis in particular seems like a lost cause: the pacifist good guy act isn’t fooling anyone – he clearly hasn’t got the heart for it. 😀

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