One comment on “Chris Remo, 28th of September

  1. jordagalski says:

    I did enjoy your comment on kids games and do agree, for the most part. You’re right that nowadays there does tend to be nothing but ‘throwback’ games, such as Nintendo not having had a new idea for many years now and every LEGO game being near enough as doesn’t matter exactly the same as all the other LEGO games. I would say tht, at least on the LEGO front, the games used to be better and more varied. Rock Raiders, for example, is an awesome RTS based on building a mining operation, which I played again as an adult only to find that it still holds up! But yeah, besides the LEGO games, I guess I did play mostly ‘grown-up’ games, like C&C, X-Wing and Flight Sim. So it certainly is something worth celebrating that there are so many universally enjoyable games today. 🙂

    My little brother actually comes up to my room to ask if I’m going to be playing Spelunky, because he, too, enjoys watching me play!

    Oh and I clocked myself with that rock in the web, too. I dunno, I think it’s like some kind of OCD thing that doesn’t let me leave a web only mostly broken, like that. (Especially with a silly floating rock in it.)

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