Explorer Scores and Discussion, 27th of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 5-4 – $828,700 – old age
  2. Chris Livingston – 3-3 – $73,800 – Not dead. Still falling.
  3. Richard Boeser – 2-2 – $38,425 – detour
  4. Chris Thursten -1-1- $500 – ???

Spoiler discussion after the break.

Jason Killingsworth: Yesterday was the first Daily I’ve had to miss since joining the Explorers Club and I was sad and jealous to discover that it had contained a jetpack. Fortunately, one popped out of a gift box today. Such bliss! I managed to run up a solid score but regrettably didn’t have enough bombs to attack the City of Gold with a vengeance and crack a million dollars. That will have to wait for another day. If I hadn’t found that mattock in Olmec’s chamber, burrowing down to the Hell door would’ve been a pain. A fortuitous drop, given the total absence of bombs.

Chris Thursten: I had too much to drink and fell on some spikes for no reason.

Chris Livingston: A nice smooth run for most of it, thanks to a lovely present in the mines. It doesn’t matter if you can fly, though, if you forget that the Ice level doesn’t have a bottom floor.

Mike Cook: Mamma always used to say, the next box could be the one that makes you, or the one that explodes in your face and kills you. I can’t believe I was so stupid to throw away a run like that. Also this second mystery-jetpack has now cemented my desire to always buy the gift in dailies from now on.

3 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 27th of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Here is another short and discouraging run by me.

    Novice mistakes left and right that shouldn’t ever happen especially with the tools given.

  2. jordagalski says:

    *raspberry* Rubbish, rubbish. Too much faffing around.

    What’s a guy to do. You try to juggle mattocks, bombs and hot babes then eventually you’re going to get eaten by a ghost.

  3. Odward Frenry says:

    Today was the craziest daily I think I’ve ever had. A mixture of mistakes and dumb luck made it super fun. And not only is it the farthest I’ve gotten on a daily run, but thanks to my desire for shiny gems it is also the first time I’ve ever found the black market without the Udjat eye.

    I can only wonder how things would have gone if I’d stopped in that mystery box shop.

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