3 comments on “Chris Remo, 27th of September

  1. jordagalski says:

    How dare you get a jetpack from a mystery box. How very dare you. 😦 I’ve been trained by so many parachutes to never buy that damn box.

  2. Will says:

    I was so stoked you bought the box.
    I had a surplus of cash when I hit that shop and don’t often buy the box but when it pays out like that… hnngg.

    Today will be fun to watch other people’s dailies!

  3. disperse says:

    The jetpack in the mystery box is one of those things that gives people who research the daily challenge an advantage over those who play it blind.

    Also, a tip, stop reading if you don’t want any mechanical spoilers:

    The deep pit you climbed into is called a snake pit and always has a mattock in the bottom which you can get with a bomb.

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