5 comments on “Tom Francis, 26th of September

  1. dickystanton says:

    Knifing the pug: priceless XD

  2. jordagalski says:

    This is one of the funniest runs I’ve seen yet! Also, this makes me feel a lot better about myself. (Sorry.) I also completely lost my mind when I saw the jetpack and it proved to be my undoing. I was so gutted that everyone else was going to have amazing jetpacky runs and I wasn’t! 😀

    I also like how in my video, I question the morality of using and abusing the damsel; then in your video you just straight up answer that with “nah, if it doesn’t leave a mark it’s all good”.

  3. Would you believe I died in the exact same friggin’ way?? I wasted the ropes to get gems in the first level, then went on virtually the exact same suicidal money/jetpack quest in the second level and got killed by the ghost. If there was ever a daily challenge that I wish I could’ve replayed it was this one… I even killed the damsel in the same way.

  4. Bryce H. says:

    I been having some horrific runs the past several daily challenges and is almost depressing. But this makes me feel better and reminds me to just take a lighter approach when doing these every day.

  5. whiskingtroll says:

    Tom, you didn’t have spider paste so I think your best chance might have been to climb up toward the top of the ‘snake pit rope’ and throw a bomb up and to the right at an angle, ricocheting it off the wall and into that passage. Your rope would still be hanging in mid air and I think you would’ve then been able to jump off it to the left and climb out. Just a theory, mind. Execution would’ve been tricky, though you did have several bombs with which to attempt it.

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