4 comments on “Rich Stanton, 26th of September

  1. teh_drewski says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who panics on level 1 every now and then and takes stupid falling damage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Somebody was talking about how they’re happy to kill the shopkeepers once they get to the black market but not before, and I don’t really understand the reasoning behind that.”

    Being wanted before the black market can be a bad idea because the shopkeepers guarding the exits in the mines are often awkwardly placed and may cause you to waste all your bombs and/or take an unnecessary risk. Making your move in the black market ensures that you only have to deal with angry shopkeepers in the latter worlds (where they are easier to kill and can usually be baited into killing themselves, thus saving bombs).

    Also, even if you’re only playing for survival, I would highly recommend getting into the habit of robbing the black market. Not only do you avoid the occasional “bullshit ending” like the one seen in the video, it also makes the game easier for a variety of reasons (guaranteed shotgun, surplus bombs, extra equipment). Shopkeepers aren’t hard to deal with once you have the supplies – just stay above them and toss (sticky) bombs down at an angle.

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