Explorer Scores and Discussion, 26th of September

  1. Richard Boeser – 2-3 – $83,625 – Underwater cavemen
  2. Rich Stanton – 2-2 – $26,250 – Tag team of Tiki-man / Shopkeeper
  3. Tom Francis – 1-2 – $33,900 – Ghost
  4. Chris Thursten 1-1 – $9,600 – Tardiness, a bat, some spikes

Spoiler discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: “It doesn’t really matter if I’m low on ropes,” is a thing I often think and never will again. Trying to get back up to that jetpack shop on 1-2 turned into an insane disaster in which I sacrificed everything and achieved nothing.

I only have one question for the Explorers: what was in that crate?! To the right of the snake pit on 1-2. It was the only one I didn’t manage to get to, and none of the others had anything resembling the ropes that could have saved me.

Rich Stanton: You can see some heroics RE those exact crates at 5 minutes into my vid, but I’ll spoil the surprise anyway: bombs and paste. I greatly enjoyed your video today Tom for the simple fact it showed you are a human being rather than the all-conquering Lord of Spelunkers 😀

I was a bit narked by my death today, quelle surprise, because basically an enemy aggroed the Black Market shopkeepers and dizzied me at the same time. Not the best combo in the world. On the plus side, there’s an amazing comment under my video today explaining something I didn’t understand about the Black Market, which for convenience’s sake I’ll reproduce here. The first quote is something I said in the video. Sadly the author is the most well-known in antiquity: anonymous.

“Somebody was talking about how they’re happy to kill the shopkeepers once they get to the black market but not before, and I don’t really understand the reasoning behind that.”

Being wanted before the black market can be a bad idea because the shopkeepers guarding the exits in the mines are often awkwardly placed and may cause you to waste all your bombs and/or take an unnecessary risk. Making your move in the black market ensures that you only have to deal with angry shopkeepers in the latter worlds (where they are easier to kill and can usually be baited into killing themselves, thus saving bombs).

Also, even if you’re only playing for survival, I would highly recommend getting into the habit of robbing the black market. Not only do you avoid the occasional “bullshit ending” like the one seen in the video, it also makes the game easier for a variety of reasons (guaranteed shotgun, surplus bombs, extra equipment). Shopkeepers aren’t hard to deal with once you have the supplies – just stay above them and toss (sticky) bombs down at an angle.

Richard Boeser: Again Fraps fails on me. Always in the same way. It saves to different files, but when it tries to save the first part the game freezes for a while and Fraps stops. If I leave the game to restart Fraps the game crashes. Anyway, I’ll try to sort it out.

When I saw the jetpack I knew some of you would give up anything to get it and I looked forward to seeing that in action. I quite soon knew I wasn’t fast enough so let it be. Same happened with the shotgun in a later shop. I ended up with a lot of money, but nothing to spend it on. In the end I repeatedly tried to kill two cavemen that had dropped into a jungle pool. It took me a while to realise that didn’t work and by that time I was dead.

Rich, sorry to see you end in that Black Market all geared up.

Tom, watching your daily this time is great. You can really feel the jetpack rush and the inevitable ending getting closer.

6 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 26th of September

  1. vanilla bear says:

    Rich – I think “somebody” might have been Anthony, and his reasoning was that if you rob for the first time at the Black Market, then there won’t be a shopkeeper guarding the market’s exit in what is a particularly difficult position. In any event, you can usually afford the useful stuff early on – whereas at the Black Market the morally-upstanding explorer might have to choose between equipment or the Ankh.

  2. jordagalski says:

    I was so gutted for this day! Dying as soon as the jetpack came into play was just crushing.

    I’ll be honest, though, I was incredibly pleased with the fact that everybody else panicked and totally lost it at the same place I did.

  3. jordagalski says:

    Oh, and Rich B, if you’re having problems with fraps, I could totally recommend OBS, which is the one I use (so you can look at my video as a testament to its quality) and which also also happens to be free!

    • richardboeser says:

      Weird thing is, Fraps has always worked fine for me. And now only with Spelunky it occasionally crashes. I’ll have a look at OBS. Thanks.

  4. Hypocee says:

    You know, Rich, Tom’s definitely among the elite here but Anthony and Jason are the ones who can win so routinely that they’re purposefully hamstringing themselves with conducts to keep it fresh.

  5. Deneen says:

    Everyone loves what you guys tend too be up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

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