Jason Killingsworth, 24th of September

BEST THING EVER: at the 6:00 mark I forgot I had spider paste and was thinking my bomb was about to go bouncing into the shop. Something fabulously unexpected happened. If I’d planned it ahead of time, I’d demand that Derek Yu fly to the UK and hang a medal around my neck in a big ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Death was incredibly unlucky. The rock I’d thrown to knock a UFO out of the air settled directly on top of a landmine. When I went to pick up the landmine to deactivate it, I picked up the rock instead and the landmine detonated before I could react. Doubt I will ever see a seed as generous with bombs ever again as long as I live. The City of Gold bomb-mining bonanza that got away.

One comment on “Jason Killingsworth, 24th of September

  1. CelticPixel says:

    That’s a Spelunky Greatest Hits moment at 6:00.

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