Explorer Scores and Discussion, 24th of September

  1. Anthony Burch – 3-3 – $52,150 – Falling UFO
  2. Chris Livingston – 2-4 – $46,175 – After all that, a bee
  3. Tom Francis – 2-2 – $3,050 – Shopkeeper

Tom Francis: Great shopping today! I even bought a shotgun! Then I lost it in a panic! Then they had another shotgun on sale but I couldn’t afford it! Then, see cause of death.

Glad to see Chris T did the same thing I did with the dart trap and the spider on 1-1. Also approve his renaming of the Mansel to Nigel Mansel.

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Chris Livingston: As soon as I saw the shotgun on 1-2, I knew everyone would be buying it, and of course I didn’t have nearly enough money, and I didn’t want to feel left out, so I just took it. Still not sure how I survived the black market or Kali’s wrath or really anything else, but this is one of the few times I predict my own death (repeatedly) and it doesn’t happen! By the end I had like all of the things except for the jetpack. All of the things!

Anthony Burch: I had more bombs than I’ve ever had today. And I screwed it all up because I didn’t notice a spaceship explode almost entirely offscreen. I’m also learning that robbing the Black Market isn’t that difficult except for two really big problems: firstly, the amount of time it takes will almost certainly summon a ghost, and secondly, if you already have shopkeeps angry at you by the time you enter the market you’ll have to deal with a final, hard-to-kill shopkeep at the black market’s exit.

Am I the only person reliably robbing the shopkeeps in the explorer’s club? I saw Jason rob a bomb shop a little while ago, but am I the only mass-murdering bastard here?

Jason Killingsworth: I kill ’em all and let Kali sort em out. It’s the best way to maximise both cash and inventory. The only time I delay my rampage is if the first shop I come across has a meagre selection (a single pair of spike shoes and a bomb bag, etc). In that case, I’ll buy those items and start robbing when I see bomb cases/cape/jetpack/etc.

8 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 24th of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Not much to say about this one.

    Okay, maybe a little. Basically free yesterday’s worm run, in which I tried something different. I had decided to just experiment a little and try things I normally wouldn’t. It just didn’t work here due to poor execution.

  2. jordagalski says:

    I feel like those yeti-infinite-death-loops are unfair, right? HOW IS THIS FAIR, SPELUNKY?

    I did ok though; can’t complain, really. The levels did feel a bit stark though, right? Was that just me running past everything? I felt super poor.

  3. James Vokes says:

    Did anyonce else notice that this seed was the exact same as on 27/08/2013. Seems really curious. Is the seed not random each day? Is it predetermined by something…like time since midnight or something and since the daily’s made anew each day it can mean the same seed can appear more often…I would love to have a look at the code.

  4. mmiasmostati says:

    I managed to throw a ‘live’ arrow at myself without reason early on but still survived to take on Olmec and win a somewhat pyrrhic victory.

    Plenty of bomb shops today, but I’m not confident enough in my ability to take on shopkeepers at the end of every level.

  5. For fun and insanity, I threw together a video of this day’s Explorers videos running together simultaneously. It’s the beginning synced together, then a cut to a middle part of each one (not synced at all), and then the end synced together at the Death! Ended up doing cuts because they are such wildly different lengths..

    Hope you all like it!

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