Explorer Scores and Discussion, 23rd of September

  1. Tom Francis – 4-4 – $191,675 – Olmec
  2. Anthony Burch – 4-3 – $16,425 – Telefrag
  3. Rich Stanton – 3-3 – $86,050 – Lost TEN (10!) HEARTS to a single attack!!! Then died afterwards.
  4. Chris Thursten – 2-4 – $39,525 – Spikes, frog panic
  5. Chris Livingston – 2-4 – $32,625 – Fear of ‘splodey frog, spikes
  6. Philippa Warr – 2-1 – $22,575 – Six angry monkeys and a wardrobe malfunction

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Chris Livingston: Felt like some pretty tame mines for a change, some reasonably placed damsels and mansels, and even the jungle didn’t feel as awful as it usually does, until a frog scared me onto some spikes (the same exact spikes that caught Chris Thursten, in fact). I didn’t see the Black Market, but then I was kind of bombing my way straight down through the jungle so it’s not a surprise.

Chris Thursten: Chris Remo died elsewhere, so it’s not quite the full Chris hat-trick I was hoping for – but that does make me feel better. I agree that the mines felt very tame today, and the jungle was almost completely inaccessible due to my bomb deficit. It’s embarrassing to look back and realise just how much time I waste being paralysed with indecision about those monkeys, but arguably worth it for the subsequent ghost panic.

Tom Francis: Yep, generally pretty nice seed! Actually found the Black Market for the first time in three or four days, much to my relief. Seemed like a lot of the crates turned out to be bombs, too.

Anyone buy the Climbing Gloves, right before you get given the Climbing Gloves? I would have if I could, luckily I couldn’t afford them.

Philippa Warr: Spelunky monkeys (Spemonkeys?) are the worst. The absolute worst. Worse than the ghost and worse than the bats. Also what is with that one really fat frog? Is it a thyroid thing?

Rich, I can’t believe you tried to kidnap a man in just his pants to be your friend.

Rich Stanton: I could never resist the caveman look, but sadly (as here) it always ends in rejection.

Nice seed, as others have said, so by the time of the ice world I was properly tooled-up. Which makes it all the more galling that I lost TEN hearts thanks to a ‘deactivated’ mothership cannon. Ten!!! I can’t believe it even now. Basically, when you’ve knocked those things off the ceiling, do not approach their evil shells.


Tom Francis: Commenters have just pointed out that at 15m36s the bag of bombs I buy stays on the ground and doesn’t get added to my inventory! Cockbombs! How is this even possible? Am I cursed to forever pay shopkeepers for things I ultimately leave in the shop?

Rich: I think the second blast is caused by a UFO shooting another UFO out of the air. If it’s any consolation, that would have dealt 10 HP too, so even if you’d only lost 1 to the cannon it would have been fatal.

It’s cool that you can survive explosions. And I had no idea detached cannons blew up on touch?

4 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 23rd of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    In 1.2 for the life of me I just could not find the damsel, mansel and pugsel oh my.

    In the end though I just wasn’t happy with my use of bombs and the inability to get to the black market if I even found it because of the lack of previously mentioned poorly managed bombs. Sooooo, I decide to go on a different adventure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tom, did you not get those last 3 bombs in the black market? That was really weird.

  3. Hypocee says:

    ‘I would have [bought Climbing Gloves in Spelunky 2] if I could’

    Who are you and what have you done with Tom Francis.

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