Explorer Scores and Discussion, 22nd of September

  1. Anthony Burch – 5-1 – $66,500 – Bombpire
  2. Richard Stanton – 3-3 – $104,075 – Shopkeeper ruckus, and still falling…
  3. Tom Francis – 3-2 – $85,525 – Fall damage
  4. Philippa Warr – 2-1 – $23,500 – Smacked self in face with torch by bouncing it off a bat oh wait no it was the bat after all
  5. Chris Livingston – 1-4 – $39,800 – Dart. Broken Dart + Snake. Bat. ‘Nother Snake.
  6. Richard Boeser – 1-3 – $42,600 – Darkness, bat bite into arrow trap.
  7. Chris Thursten – 1-3 – $39,200 – Darkness, arrows, snakes, falling, and so on.

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: Two dark levels! What a prick.

I missed the Black Market again – again, never even saw a blip. I just don’t know how to explore the jungle without a lot of ropes or some kind of mobility tool. The dark levels didn’t kill me (or even hurt me, as far as I remember?), but having to take a short, cautious route through them probably screwed me for items and health. And if you get to the ice caves with no upward mobility, you’re not going to rescue many damsels.

All that said, amazingly generous first couple of levels. What, seven crates? And a snake pit? With that much kit, I would have been fine all the way to the Temple if I hadn’t made a bunch of really basic slipups that cost me a health point each.

Chris Thursten: I didn’t get far enough today to have feelings about the seed. Well, I have feelings, but they’re fairly straightforward. If I had to express them in words – and I do – it’d pretty much just be the word ‘why?’, over and over.

Philippa Warr: I have basically no memory of doing this because it happened at 2.30am or something. Because responsible grownup life choices.

Things learned by watching replay: there are dark jungle levels, you can set pugs on fire, if you want to be assured of a top spot on the leaderboard for at least a few minutes do the daily challenge when everyone else is asleep.

Anthony Burch: Three mattocks in one level! It is to laugh. I dunno why, but I didn’t have any trouble finding the black market.

Richard Stanton: I’m absolutely livid that, in finding the black market, I aggro-ed the shopkeeper nearby. I wasn’t even close to his shop! And that little detail came to kinda dominate this run. Also: screw the dark levels!

3 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 22nd of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    How very thoughtful. Well, here is my run for the 22nd.

    I was rather proud of myself for the most part for getting further than I have been getting lately.

  2. jordagalski says:

    Aaugh, nasty. I man, yeah, dark levels are nasty anyway but I felt that the second one was especially malicious. I’m not sure I can express what I felt when I threw my torch off a ledge AND THERE WAS NOTHING THERE. At that point, I may as well have just balled up, hugged my mattock and waited for the ghost to take me. (But I couldn’t because I had just established myself as an action movie star.)

  3. cbirdsong says:

    Do you Explorer Club guys generally use a keyboard or a gamepad?

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