3 comments on “Nika Harper, 21st of September

  1. Tom Francis says:

    Oh God, when you bomb the dangly spider! Nooo!

    I think I’d have tried running away from the giant spider, then tried to double back over him or something. Tough spot though.

  2. Discrider says:

    Hahaha, that was brilliant. As in the narration. Very entertaining.

    My run through had me use 3 bombs in the first level, and so I wound up having to jump on the first giant spider until it died.
    And then a shopkeeper killed me on 1-2. As happens in 66% of games.

    But yeah, I would’ve tried being stealthy in that situation and have the spider land above you, and then pray he jumps left away from the exit and over you so you could escape.

  3. Bryce H. says:

    The storytelling reminded me a lot of Bastions narration. Something I wouldn’t mind trying to do in my videos but likely won’t.

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