Explorer Scores and Discussion, 21st of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 5-1 – $384,875 – Flying headbutt
  2. Tom Francis – 4-1 – $152,125 – Lava
  3. Anthony Burch – 3-2 – $18575 – Mammoth and gravity
  4. Philippa Warr – 2-2 – $19,125 – Impact with the ground
  5. Chris Thursten – 1-4 – $22,500 – Nonsense. Just abject nonsense.
  6. Chris Livingston – 1-3 – $16,300 – Alcohol + spikes

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: I could not find the Black Market! I managed to buy both boxes of bombs at that early shop, despite a very tight first level, but then I spent them liberally on mining gems on the assumption that I’d be able to buy more at the Black Market. As it turned out, there was one level of the Jungle I had to slip through for lack of ropes, and I guess it was there somewhere. Graham says it would have taken a lot of bombs to get to anyhow.

My death here has nothing to do with the bomb or rope or Black Market situation, I’m just an idiot.

Philippa Warr: Today I learned there are bomb frogs. This was not actually the thing that killed me. what killed me was falling from a great height which I didn’t think was that great and had a plan for anyway.  Mostly the lesson to take away from all of this is that breakfast makes for a far more upbeat voiceover.

I’m starting to wonder whether the commentary is making it harder to progress on account of dividing attention which you would otherwise be devoting to the game – does anyone else find that? I don’t want to cut it out because otherwise the videos would be less engaging (or at least I hope they would!) but it’s a thing I’ve started to be aware of.

Jason Killingsworth: Had to abandon my shotgun to bring the scepter into 4-2 and wasn’t able to retrieve one again before Olmec so my health to got whittled down by all his little spawning pests. Did feel like a tricky seed, given the lack of cape/jetpack options. I suppose I could have gotten a cape off a vampire in Hell, but I didn’t survive long enough to cross paths with one. Agree with Tom’s comment about the black market. I almost missed it myself, primarily because there was a straight open path all the way down from the entry door to the compass-marked exit, and you had to consciously decide to make a detour over to the far side of the stage before you started getting the Udjet Eye homing clicks. If I recall correctly, the door was hugging the far right wall in a very odd spot.

Chris Livingston: Philippa, I definitely have trouble narrating while playing. Except today, when I play drunk. The booze makes it easier for me to play while talking (no self-consciousness) but makes me slightly more careless (oh spikes hurt you?).

3 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 21st of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    I have to say I really so very much prefer to always have spike shoes.

  2. Daniel F says:

    I made it to the City of Gold for the first time! And then died a semi-glorious death!

    Tom, Graham was right about it taking a lot of bombs to get to the Black Market; it was probably buried 8 blocks deep, and it was sandwiched between one of the treasure-hoard shopkeepers and the edge of the map.

  3. jordagalski says:

    I had no idea that peeps could post their runs here, so here’s mine for today.

    I’d just like to mention that I am nowhere near as good as is required to get as far as I did. I don’t know how that happened. Anyway, how exactly DOES one deal with those fricking idol traps in the temple? I’m right about the bombs, right?

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