Tom Francis, 20th of September

Haven’t died quite that way in a while. I now realise that very last time I consider using a bomb, I should have done it: it would have got me to a red frog, which could have been used to breach the next wall for another crate even if the first one didn’t contain bombs.

3 comments on “Tom Francis, 20th of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Oh this moments when you truly believe you are holding up. I’ve had a many of those.

  2. Daniel F says:

    I know that feel, man.

  3. Chris Kent says:

    You really should be holding down, not up, when trying to grab onto a rope like that. You crawl off the edge and safely grab onto it. And you know the button is being held because your character is crawling.

    Every time you do it in your videos you make me nervous that you’ll land on those spikes. 😛

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