Explorer Scores and Discussion, 20th of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 5-4 – $714,400 – 14th overall!
  2. Tom Francis – 2-4 – $89,250 – SPIKES
  3. Graham Smith – 2-2 – $67,775 – Spikes? Vines? Gravity?
  4. Richard Boeser – 2-2 – $53,175 Bad karma?
  5. Anthony Burch – 2-2 – $41.400 – Derek Yu
  6. Mike Cook – 1-3 – $30,700 – Spider straight outta nowhere
  7. Chris Livingston – 1-3 – $19,800 – Shotgun theft = Shotgun death

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: Where were the bombs?! Did I miss them? Where were they?

Mike Cook: The first three levels were pretty light on everything, bombs included. I died doing something that would’ve been safe in a light level, in a dark level. I don’t know if I was being stupid there and should’ve made a beeline for the exit, but I went exploring and a spider knocked me right into spikes. Stupid Mike. Recording up later this evening!

Richard Boeser: Can anyone tell me why the shopkeepers were angry with me?

Chris Livingston: Richard, I couldn’t see anything from your video that showed why the Black Market went hostile! Something must have happened downstairs somewhere.

Are night levels more common in the jungle? It seems like I rarely see them in the mines, though today, in my warm-up runs, I came across them twice.

Tom Francis: A commenter said something like ‘perhaps it’s best you didn’t get to the Black Market’, so maybe today was one of its angry days. Luckily it’s a bitch to get to.

Chris, I think they’re equally likely in Mines, Jungle and Temple, but now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dark Ice Caves level in my life. They might be forbidden because it’d be too hard to see where you’re dropping to.

Anthony Burch: Yep! Today was an Angry Day for the Black Market. Which is really exciting to me, because now it’s not just some weird fluke — it’s A Thing. A Thing that I now have to plan for and be wary of. A Thing that might potentially be waiting for me, every day.

Tom Francis: I always like to get to the bottom of these things. In the comments, mmiasmostati notices there’s a snail in the Black Market, on the lowest floor of shops. That floor contains a kissing parlour, and the shopkeeper rage message is “Hey, you can’t do that!” – which is what they say when an… employed damsel gets hurt. The snail must hit her with a bubble, but interestingly it sounds like it happened at different times for different people. Maybe the randomisation of enemy behaviour is not determined by the level gen seed, so can unfold differently for different players.

Graham Smith: My run today combined Richard and Anthony’s dying-on-2-2 with Tom’s falling-into-a-spike-pit, for a perfect Spelunky experience. Two thumbs up.

Jason Killingsworth: Two jetpacks in today’s run! Getting spider paste from Kali blessing in ice caves was the most unbelievably lucky, pivotal, fate-altering drop imaginable. Without it, I seriously doubt I would’ve gone the distance.

Richard Boeser: Jason, congratulations, that was a really great run. The highest score yesterday was a million more, how is that even possible. Do you know in what way their strategy differs from yours?

Jason Killingsworth: Thanks, Richard. To answer your question, I’ve broken a million a couple times and the strategy is basically identical. You just have to systematically ghost run every single level instead of cherry-picking a handful of choice stages like I’ve been doing. I’ve shied away from going into full score-chasing mode primarily because ghost-running makes for incredibly boring television. Also, it balloons the length of your run, which would make file sizes and upload times get out of control. I’m happy to aim for completing Hell and doing a tiny bit of ghost running when there’s an accessible gem vault, etc.

11 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 20th of September

  1. Hovercraft says:

    After the bomb drought and the black market going apeshit just as I was picking up the shotgun with intent to murder everyone, I played a regular round and this happened:

    The next level had another shop with a further two boxes and two bags, so my bomb count maxed out at 99 for the first time ever. Then I made it to the city of gold, and died when one of my bombs exploded and somehow flung another of my bombs directly at me. It felt a bit poetic.

  2. mmiasmostati says:

    The black market goes crazy almost right away for you guys, for me I had time to look around and buy some supplies before being viciously murdered in cold blood:

    There’s a snail blowing bubbles in the lower set of shops, I guess mine took a little longer to randomly hit a shopkeeper.

    • Tom Francis says:

      Yeah, the snail’s on the lower floor of the shops, and there’s a kissing parlour in there. From the message, “Hey, you can’t do that!” one of his bubbles must have hit the damsel.

      Interesting that it should happen at different times – maybe the randomisation of enemy behaviour is not determined by the level gen seed, so can unfold differently for different players.

    • Chris Livingston says:

      Ha! That’s a tremendously entertaining jaunt through the black market to watch, knowing the place is going to explode, but not knowing when. Plus, every time you sprint across the second floor, you can see the snail’s bubbles innocently drifting up in various places. That’s no snail: it’s a TICKING SLIME BOMB

  3. Daniel F says:

    If you skip the black market (like I did because I ran out of bombs to get to it), you might have died a similarly immediate death in 3-1 – a yeti or something triggered a mine which launched a mine directly at the entrance, which knocked me out and landed next to me, then ‘sploded me across the level. I was hoping (not maliciously) to see it happen to one of you fine folks to confirm that I couldn’t have done anything about it, but you all found your own destinies. 🙂

  4. Freelancer says:

    Wish I’d recorded my run. The death was worthy of an earlier, more foolish Tom Francis run.

    Giant yeti stunned me as I was jetpacking over the altar, I land on it, turn into a corpse and a box of bombs. After the ankh respawns me, I come back for a rematch (and my well earned bombs), being incredibly careful not to stand on the altar again. Something explodes off screen, flings some debris into me and lands me on the altar again. Death screen shows that Kali has bestowed a Kapala on the vapour of my remains.

    Sacrificed myself, twice.

    I even thought after the first one ‘wouldn’t it be funny if…’

  5. Bryce H. says:

    I can’t post my run here. It won’t post. Or at least isn’t showing up to me. The Black Market was not nice to me as well. The keeper actually tossed me around before shotgunning me in the face

  6. I have also never seen a Dark Ice level in my life. However, upon inspection of the Spelunky soundtrack there is a music track for dark ice levels. Weird.

  7. discrider says:

    Death by shopkeeper here on 1-4 as a ghost pressured me into him.

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