Chris Remo, 20th of September

This was certainly an improvement over my past three runs, but I still remain plagued by foolish mistakes that seem to affect me more during Daily Challenges. I need to strike a better balance between being overly relaxed and overly self-conscious. SPELUNKY.

5 comments on “Chris Remo, 20th of September

  1. Ben Wilson says:

    Just for future reference, when you see someone with Evan’s score on the leaderboard, it means that they’re still playing the daily at that moment.

  2. Michael Cook says:

    Just wanted to let you know that since your first Daily went up here I’ve been using the Chris Remo Idol Method by crouching to avoid the boulder. Every single time I worry it won’t work. It’s so effective!

  3. chrisremo says:

    Ben: Ahhhh, okay, I didn’t realize that!

    Michael: Nice! I actually don’t even use it most of the time because it’s too stressful.

  4. Tom Francis says:

    Oh God, it’s so painful watching you try to hit that TNT crate with the key. “No! Stop! It’s gonna… even if you… it’ll just… well, you see now.”

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