4 comments on “Anthony Burch, 20th of September

  1. jimtwo says:

    Yup, here’s my run, I never had a chance:

    New mental note: wait on that little ledge to the left of the door for a few seconds before proceeding through the black market from now on.

  2. Bryce H. says:

    I did some shop robbing practice in some non dailies. At around 8:15 is an amazing and lucky success.

    • Daniel F says:

      Them’s some nice moves. Did I see correctly that you dropped the bomb and jumped over him in the same moment?

      • Bryce H. says:

        Yeah, i realized the shopkeeper responds way too quickly when i tried to freeze gun him earlier so i figured if i throw the bomb while already in the air I might get away with it. I just got lucky, i doubt i could do it again. Probably won’t stop me from trying it more though.

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