Explorer Scores and Discussion, 19th of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 4-4 – $519,275 – Olmec…oh, feck.
  2. Tom Francis – 3-3 – $83,650 – Jump pad launching me into a psionic bubble.
  3. Graham Smith – 3-1 – $44,275 – Yeti throwing me repeatedly
  4. Chris Thursten – 2-4 – $31,050 – Frog issues.
  5. Richard Boeser – 2-4 – $28,425 – Hello fish.
  6. Nika Harper – 2-1 – $9,075 – Tiki Trap Facial Piercings
  7. Chris Livingston – 1-4 – $23,900 – Dangly spider. The lamest spider.
  8. Michael Cook – 1-4 – $16,100 – Climbing gloves. God dammit.

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Chris Livingston: Not much to say. My timing was way off with the lower-class monsters, and bit-by-bit, they ate my bits. The final straw was carelessness due to the ghost chasing me.

Curious about sacrifices. I sacrificed the pug (a horrid thing to do, boo me): in the dailies, are the prize for sacrifices the same for everyone, or is that a bit of randomness?

Tom Francis: Sacrifice frenzy! Seemed like there were far more accessible altars than normal – I ended up with 20 health from all the innocents I killed, blood I drank, and dogs that licked me. It’s OK, though, I found a way to lose it all.

Yeah, sacrifice rewards seem to be the same for everyone on a particular daily – Spike Boots first, right?

Anyone else get the Jetpack from the alien in the ice caves? As far as I saw it was the only one anywhere in this seed.

Jason Killingsworth: Yeah, I snagged the jetpack. Apparently it doesn’t make you invincible to Olmec’s ground pounds 😦 The rest of my run went fairly peachy – wish I’d opted for a safer method of getting Olmec to align with the Hell gate. Won’t attempt this trick again.

Graham Smith: Does anyone else find that their frame of mind impacts on their performance? I have three modes: normal, slightly drunk, and grumpy for no good reason. Today I was the latter, and I know I’m going to make stupid mistakes when that’s the case.

And so it was. I died because I was going for the alien’s jetpack and saving bombs to do that, rather than taking care of the nearby yeti first.

Richard Boeser: Graham, I feel my frame of mind makes all the difference. Yesterday I drank some wines and made it all the way to 1-2. Also when there are still lots of people around at my studio I feel slightly awkward talking out loud about scary spiders and kissing girls. Best plays are when no one is around and I can concentrate, There are simply too many things that can kill you.

Also I keep having Fraps crash randomly on me. It starts recording, but as soon as it wants to save the first file, it stops working. No footage again from me. Played pretty concentrated until I tried to think one step ahead and forgot that step one would include meeting the piranha.

Graham Smith: I also feel awkward when other people are around to hear the commentary. Even in the PC Gamer office, where everyone plays games regularly, I can’t bring myself to record commentary. I do it late at night at home.

Nika Harper: It was late and I was quiet, but I got to the ice caves in the practice run I did just before. My biggest problem was suddenly getting very thoughtful about a hidden Spelunky backstory in their strange cave-economy. This will haunt me in future runs. I’m narrating them in my mind.

Mike Cook: First mistake of today: I didn’t hit record on Fraps. Other than that things went okay. World 1 felt a bit like a playable metaphor for risk and reward: huge amounts of money hidden underneath shops and past dart traps. I got myself into a couple of awful situations where I took dart damage for no reason, and sacrificed the damsel in 1-2 which made all the difference.

Died trying to bait out a spider, but the climbing gloves stuck me to the wall. Such an idiot. Tomorrow: recordings!

5 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 19th of September

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Never mind my inability to put words together at the end, this was still one of my better daily runs in a while.

  2. Daniel F says:

    “Carelessness due to the ghost chasing me” caused my death as well. I haven’t died from a wrong keypress in quite some time, so I know it was the ghost-nerves.

    • Chris Livingston says:

      And he wasn’t even chasing me yet! Just the message that he would soon be chasing me was enough to make me panic.

  3. Discrider says:

    Tried taping one of these for the first time:

    One of my best runs here to date in this version of Spelunky.
    Got to 4-1 before being utterly trolled by Anubis.
    This was also my first time recording, so the audio is pretty appalling. The video is also pretty appalling because my net is made of cheese string and I’ve got to cut filesize somehow.

  4. qekrgbkw says:

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