Explorer Scores and Discussion, 18th of September

  1. Jason Killingsworth – 5-4 – $537,175 – Old age!
  2. Michael Cook – 4-1 – $37,375 – Cooking With Bombs
  3. Anthony Burch – 3-3 – $50,775 – Psychic blast/bomb combo
  4. Chris Livingston – 2-2 – $33,200 – Pancaked by Black Knight
  5. Graham Smith – 2-1 – $20,950 – Shopkeeper with a sticky bomb on his face
  6. Philippa Warr – 2-1 – $15,400 – Hopping vampires, local ale
  7. Tom Francis – 1-3 – $5,950 – Shopkeeper throwing me into a wall
  8. Richard Boeser – 1-2 $27,200 – Some wines, then daily, bad idea

Spoilery discussion after the break.

Tom Francis: I made so much money on level 1, but used two bombs to do it. Soon: much better uses for my other two bombs. But still no actual bombs. And by the time I found a bomb shop, I was being chased by a giant spider I’d aggroed by not having any bombs to kill him with.

Took me a while to work out why the shopkeeper got mad: when I killed the giant spider, one of the gems it dropped hit the shopkeeper in the head.

All I’ve really learned is what I already knew: don’t spend your third-to-last bomb on money, and don’t spend your second-to-last bomb on anything but survival. Anyone else have bomb rules? Anyone else ignore them and die?

Anthony Burch:  My bomb rules are: only bomb for money if you’ll get at least two gems/rubies/whatever out of it; bomb everything that strikes you as even remotely scary if you have more than ten bombs,  especially if you’re past the jungle; save your last two bombs for blowing away the environment to get past hazards; ignore all the previous rules and steal the bombs you need from shopkeepers until you have enough bombs to build a throne of them that reaches the heavens, defying Derek Yu’s very existence on your chair made of explosives.

Chris Livingston: It felt like a solid run until I bit off more than I could chew with my first ever encounter with The Black Knight. I assume bombs + staying safely above him are the way to go. I got the first part right.

My voice seems slightly, oddly out of sync, about a half-second ahead of the video. So in the playback I scream slightly before the things that make me scream, make me scream. Anyone know what the cause/solution to this might be?

Tom Francis: I noticed that in your run yesterday actually. Are you using FRAPS for both game and voice? I don’t have a technical explanation, but you might be psychic.

Chris Livingston: Yeah, using Fraps for both. I’m sure I’ll eventually find a solution on Google, just wondering if anyone else had ever come across that before.

Chris Livingston: Also, I should probably be talking about the seed instead of my stupid audio problems! I thought it was a great seed, actually! A free compass (which I missed but saw in someone’s video), a free web gun, a free pickaxe, a bomb shop and a weapon shop, including a shotgun, all in the mines. I feel like I didn’t exploit it fully.

Mike Cook: Everything goes right today, including an unbelievable close call in the third world. I get lucky (I think?) with a shotgun that lets me deal with a lot of the danger that comes my way for a few levels. One of my best Spelunky runs ever, overall. So chuffed! I also used a bunch of stuff I learned over the last month or so watching other people play via the Club here.

I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to have bomb rules yet, but I know I’ll sacrifice almost anything for a crate. With the exception of the Wadjet Eye – a tradeoff which came up today, funnily enough.

Graham Smith: I made a sudden snap decision for no good reason, where on 1-4, shortly after finding the mattock, I decided I should buy a shotgun, kill the shopkeeper, and then leave the shotgun behind anyway because really I wanted the mattock more. The ghost was coming and there was a good item right by the till and it turns out this is what panic buying is.

Philippa Warr: For the most part today went a lot better. I wonder if maybe it’s because I’d had a little to drink but not too much and so I wasn’t second guessing everything. It seemed to flow a lot better. Obviously, as soon as this became apparent I said it out loud then leapt in front of an arrow trap, had a snake spit venom on my head and took a spider to the face.

Tom, that trick shot with the rock was amazing.

Richard Boeser: Philippa, drinks really work? I had some wines before the run. Felt like I was doing really well. Made it until 1-2 : | No video, but don’t worry you did not miss a thing.


7 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 18th of September

  1. AaronKI says:

    I’m interested to see if anyone else’s shopkeeper went berserk as soon as the normal version of 2-3 started. Probably a fire frog next to a tiki trap, but I was too scared to look around and bolted for the exit as soon as I had a chance.

  2. AaronKI says:

    Based on some of the comments I’ve heard from people playing the dailies about the design of Spelunky, I thought maybe someone would find this interesting.

    On the September 12th Daily, something very, very strange happened in the Jungle levels and an alternate set of levels was provided for anyone who went to the 2-2 Haunted Castle.

    Players who went to the regular 2-2 level found a black market exit there, but there was no black market exit to be found on the 2-2 Haunted castle.

    Anyone who took the regular exit in the regular 2-2 level was greeted with a Rushing Water level for 2-3. Anyone who went through the haunted castle also got a Rushing Water level for 2-3, but the level had a different layout. What’s more, the Bizarro Rushing Water level contained the missing black market exit that should have been in the castle! Going through it took you to a black market with different items for sale than the regular one.

    I realize that this might be confusing to follow in text form, so I made a map of the jungle for that day after watching a whole bunch of playthroughs: http://i.imgur.com/ApQ6NUq.jpg

    Comparing the two different rushing water levels, they both used the same “room” layout, but the chunk randomization and entity placement are completely different.

    For video evidence of this, check out BaerTaffy and Rich Stanton’s playthroughs for the 12th.

    Rich avoids the castle exit on 2-1 and goes to the normal version of 2-3 (starts at 12:40 if youtube doesn’t jump to it)

    Baer goes through the haunted castle and gets the Bizarro Rushing Water level. (starts at 18:00) He also goes to the Alternate Black Market from there if you’d like to compare it with the normal one.

    Weird, huh? It might be one of the few (or only) documented cases of a spelunky level with the same room layout but different chunks.

  3. Bryce says:

    Honestly I feel like I am getting worse and worse each daily.

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