Explorer Scores and Discussion, 17th of September

  1. Tom Francis – 4-3 – $91,200 – My own sticky bombs
  2. Philippa Warr – 2-2 – $51,700 – Frogs, Jetpacks, Tuesday
  3. Chris Livingston – 2-1 – $53,025 – Snake hiding up Lord Frog’s butt
  4. Richard Boeser – 2-1 – $44,200 – General sloppiness
  5. Anthony Burch – 2-1 – $23,475 – Batmens
  6. Michael Cook – 1-2 – $27,700 – Foreshadowing, and spikes

Discussion after the break.

Philippa Warr: Any tips on keeping control when using the jetpack? I feel like the frog death was completely avoidable but I just tapped wrong. It was hard trying to keep an eye on what I was doing with bombs at the same time. Also, are the monkeys actually deadly in and of themselves? As far as I could work out they were just stealing my things and then using them against me so the main coping strategy there was to run out of things for them to steal by letting them steal all of them and then leap at them with my jetpack ROARING so that they were all in so much awe of me that they, uh, fell into a spike pit. That is the narrative and I am sticking to it.

A conscious change in mental attitude seemed to yield better results though and there was less aimlessness as a result.  Really really want to see the ice caves before the end of the week – I think that’s an achievable goal.

Chris Livingston: Philippa, I don’t think monkeys hurt you, though I think they can stun you sometimes. Also, I thought they only stole gold, I didn’t know they steal bombs and set them off! Now I’ll be even more wary of them.

My new goal is to get the Ankh, which I’ve never before gotten. I was doing well today money-wise in that regard, but not health-wise and not expecting a snake to be hiding under Lord Frog-wise. Maybe next time.

A while back I accidentally discovered a (scary) way to avoid the idol boulder. It’s at 4:05 in my video today. Was wondering if this was new knowledge or if everyone already does this?

Michael Cook: I always assumed the monkeys hurt you because little blood bits sometimes come out but I never really checked. I normally freak out the second they latch on and jump around hammering the arrow keys. Classic strategy.

Everyone should take the web gun! I was proud of Chris Remo’s pro dart trap shutdown on 1-1. Quality work.

Tom Francis: Ahh, the spoiler section, I can finally say it: the mystery gift is a jetpack! I know Philippa and I got it – anyone else? Mystery gifts are low priority for me, but I get it if I’ve bought everything else I want.

Largely because of that, this was a great run for me. Died in a stupid way, but in a spectacular fight. So much money lying around, too.

On Monkeys: yeah, they can’t hurt directly, but the shunt they give you can often send you somewhere deadly. And stolen bombs are obviously lethal. Best way to deal with them is to be holding something – anything you throw while they’re on you will collide with them first, killing them. Boomerang is ideal.

Boulders: I have heard that was possible, never had the guts to do it! I worry that even if a boulder doesn’t hit the shopkeep, it might be crushing gold and cool items.

Webgun: yes, it’s awesome. I wish there was always a crate on level 1 with something weird in it, so each day we’d all be trying something we don’t normally use. I kinda used it to break a fall – you can even use it to climb in some circumstances.

Oh, and thanks for making the post Philippa.

Mike Cook: Oh man, the gift is a jetpack? Are you kidding me? Can’t wait to watch today’s runs.

5 comments on “Explorer Scores and Discussion, 17th of September

  1. Daniel F says:

    Does twitching left and right rapidly shake the monkeys off faster, or have I been doing that for years just for the fun of it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    this seed was great, first time i got to king yama and i beat it! got +500k gold! gems everywhere

  3. Bryce H. says:

    Trying to initiate a duel with the shopkeeper by slapping him in the face with his own climbing gloves = bad idea, very bad idea.

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