Chris Livingston, 17th of September

Starting at 08:56, I note that I almost hurt myself by throwing the gold key around. Twice.

This is immediately followed by me hurting myself by throwing the gold key around. Twice.

Also, at 04:05, I previously learned (by accident) how to avoid the idol boulder without running or roping. Is this how everyone else does it?

4 comments on “Chris Livingston, 17th of September

  1. Terin says:

    I just bolted to the left there, seeing as there was ample flat ground and ladders to get above the boulder. Unfortunately, if it goes to the left, it rampages through the shop.

    His shotgun ended up killing me, although not from his hands. The knockback plummeted me onto the same spikes that Michael Cook fell on in a much needed lesson in how dangerous that thing can be.

  2. chrisremo says:

    I used to always avoid the boulder by running to the far end of the side of the screen it would bounce up again, because it seems to always (?) bounce up a little bit right as it hits the wall. It’s too nervewracking though so now I generally just try and get out of the way.

  3. Philippa Warr says:

    Livingstone, I dare you to do this boulder avoidance technique a second time 😉

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