Explorer Scores and Discussion, 15th of September

Doing this a new way now: going to ask members to add their own scores to this post, and also use it to discuss any tricky decisions or bits you’re interested to know how others did.

  1. Anthony Burch – 4-4 – $179,150 – Defeated Olmec
  2. Chris Thursten – 4-2 – $154,100 – Discovered what those blocks do
  3. Jason Killingsworth – 3-4 – $244,700 – Officially done being a climbing gloves apologist
  4. Tom Francis – 3-3 – $90,250 – Frozen by a mammoth
  5. Graham Smith – 3-3 – $60,200 – Blasted by psychic alien
  6. Richard Boeser – 2-1 – $38,600 – Wasps, Mr. Ghost, gold pooping monkey
  7. Philippa Warr – 2-1 – $21,600 – Bees, karmic retribution
  8. Chris Livingston – 2-1 – $17,725 – Giant Bee

Tom Francis: This was a crazy one. An early shop with a Jetpack, Mattock and two boxes of Bombs is just awesome and horrible, because I will do anything to be able to afford those. Anyone rob it? Anyone not afford the jetpack at least? Anyone do the smart thing and buy the Mattock first, to mine money for the rest? I only thought of that after.

Here’s a time-link to my mad dash for enough money to buy what I wanted. Got it all except the last box of bombs.

Chris Thursten: This is the best I’ve ever done in Spelunky, ever. I’ve never been to the Mothership, let alone the Temple. I’d also never seen wasps before, which is clear from the video, and I am lead astray by the alien boss thingy.

I’d be interested to see if anyone got to the Black Market – I was really worried about bombing that shop by accident.

Graham Smith: I decided to focus on getting the jetpack in that early shop, but I realised as soon as I left the level that I should have flown back up afterwards to buy either the mattock or some bombs. Later, when I spent most of the game with no bombs, I realised I should have definitely bought the bombs.

I also made the call not to bother with the Black Market. I can’t wait to see the videos of the people who went for it.

Anthony Burch: I got the jetpack, then grabbed the mattock and mined enough to buy bombs.  I strongly considered robbing the dude, but those items combined with one another so well (as many of you have pointed out) that I thought it’d be safer just to grind some cash.

I totally missed the black market this time, to my mild irritation. I was much happier that I finally got to dork around with the Shield, which resulted in my single favorite Shopkeeper murder in my history of playing Spelunky.

Tom Francis: Haha, I was planning to try that next time I got the shield. If it’s the method I’m picturing.

Anthony Burch: I posted this as a comment, but figured it’d be more appropriate to snarkily post here.

September 14th: Tom says he doesn’t rob shopkeeps or whip damsels because those are morally questionable actions (at least when you do so gleefully, and without remorse).

September 15th: http://youtu.be/2nAhtLxGIuE?t=17m9s

Jason Killingsworth: I guess it’s called a wardrobe malfunction when you die because you’re wearing the climbing gloves. I had a massive vault’s worth of freshly minted diamonds waiting, never to be collected, at the moment I succumbed. I’m still really shocked how generous the Daily Challenge has been with jetpacks. I have a hard time thinking of ones where it hasn’t at the very least shown up in the black market, and it makes ghost running [leading the ghost around the level to turn gems into precious $5000 diamonds] feel infinitely more feasible. I’ve said it in my videos, but I’m conflicted about ghost running in these dailies. Obviously it’s the only way (combined with shoplifting) to push your score into the upper leaderboard echelon, but it makes the video replays drag on significantly longer. And in cases like today, it proved my undoing. I just have a hard time resisting when there are vaults full of gems just waiting to be diamond-ified. Since I’ve explored everything in the game and completed the journal (on XBLA), I guess it makes score more of a draw for me. Anybody else here considered ghost running at all? (Warning: once you start doing it, it becomes pretty addictive.)

Chris Livingston: Got the jetpack, but since I rarely get the jetpack, I am not very good with the jetpack. Killed by bees. I have no strategy when it comes to bees, so I’m going to watch everyone’s videos to see how they handled it. I tried to jump on a couple, but even with spike shoes, it didn’t seem to work.

Richard Boeser: Chris, my strategy for the bees was to bring a gold pooping monkey and Mr. Ghost and hope the bees would be totally startled by that combination and either flee or start worshipping me as their new queen bee. Check my video to see how well that worked out.

Philippa Warr: My first jetpack – elation and then confusion. I probably shouldn’t have sacrificed that damsel for the sticky gloves either but apparently Spelunky has a sense of justice as I ended up dying stuck to a wall thanks to said gloves.  No idea how to deal with bees. They seem to follow typical videogame bee rules which involves everyone dying horribly like it’s My Girl all over again.

Seem to be getting to the jungle more regularly which feels like progress.  Is it?

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