Tom Francis, 9th of September

The sequence of events surrounding my death is actually pretty incredible:

1. My bomb goes off.
2. A rock is knocked into the air by the blast, hits a UFO.
3. Both UFO and rock come flying in my direction.
4. The rock hits me in the face.
5. This knocks me into the path of the crashing UFO, which hits me and explodes.
6. This explosion also catches the rock, sending it back up into the air.
7. The rock hits a second UFO above me, knocking it backwards.
8. As I’m flying back from the blast, the second UFO also crashes directly into me, and also explodes.
9. This sends my body bouncing around the level until it comes to a rest, exactly at the exit.

4 comments on “Tom Francis, 9th of September

  1. Tom Francis says:

    Only just noticed from the YouTube thumbnail: two tiny yellow chicks come out of a UFO when it opens?

  2. whiskingtroll says:

    When my video finishes uploading, the chain of events leading to my demise on the exact same level may rival yours for sheer dumb stupid unfortunate bad luck.

  3. Bryce says:

    I have to say, it is ironic you were talking about the vines and spikes this video considering how my 9/9/2013 video ends.

  4. GrantNZ says:

    The vine-over-spike-pit trick: hold sprint, up & sideways and press jump to go from vine to vine. Up means you always catch the next vine, and sprint always seems to go far enough to catch the next one. You can press jump as slow as you like, increasing speed as you get more comfortable with the rhythm 🙂

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