Jason Killingsworth, 9th of September

Was playing rather well. Then I reached the ice caves and some stuff happened.

In the spirit of Tom’s post – since we both died in the exact same place – I give you: A Series of Unfortunate Events….

1. At 29:55 I fluff a chance at downing the UFO that will eventually claim my life. (I get the heebie-jeebies rewatching this error, knowing fully what it means.)
2. Yeti pounds the ground, knocking me over. I lose no health but get immobilised.
3. Yeti rains down ice shards, one of which hits me and does a point of damage. Still got four points of health. Tentatively hopeful.
4. By now my body has slid under an ice block, which would theoretically shield me from the UFO laser descending.
5. Bad bad luck: there happens to be a pebble balanced on top of the ice block above me, which stuns me when the ice block explodes from the laser.
6. More ice comes raining down, knocking the UFO craft down on me where it explodes and ends my run, leaving my corpse with 40 unused bombs and an inventory crammed with items.

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